Frequently Asked Questions


Can I integrate with my accounting system?

Yes, Kavoku offers integration with popular accounting and ERP systems. This allows for a seamless flow of customer information and the ability to send orders directly from your accounting system to Kavoku. Additionally, Kavoku can notify your accounting system when a job is completed, allowing for streamlined invoicing and accounting processes.

Can I modify the Due Date?

Yes, Kavoku offers the flexibility to modify due dates as needed. You can easily adjust due dates for individual orders or for multiple orders at once.

Can I have my own structure for the ID of Pieces of Equipment?

Yes, our software allows you to customize the ID structure for each piece of equipment. You can define your own format, such as using letters, numbers, or symbols, to create a unique identifier for each piece of equipment.

Can I have other identifiers for my tools?

Yes, you can add additional identifiers to each piece of equipment in our calibration management software. This allows you to track other important information, such as serial numbers, barcodes, or RFID tag.

Do you manage prices?

No, Kavoku does not manage prices. However, Kavoku can integrate with your accounting system to ensure that accurate pricing information is reflected in your orders and invoices.